WiseGen Informatics Philosophy

We deliver creative, unique and effective solutions. For each project that we undertake, the planning and strategy development is based on keyword research, the present market scenario and the brand authority with reference to it’s competitors. A detailed need-gap analysis is done to make sure that we identify the gaps and recommend the best solutions to take your organization/business to the next level.

We categorize all our engagements into the following three categories:

1. Web Existence – The present market demands that you exist on the web and show up on the first page of search engines when a prospective customer searches for you on the internet. If your company website does not reflect on the front page of search engines, (e.g. Google, Bing etc.)  at the time when your customers search for your business, you might lose them to your competitor. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to exist on the web. With this,  we intend to equip you with a brand/product/business name, the logo, a tagline, content written by professional copywriters, brand jingle etc.These are basic, reusable, ingredients so that your brand stands out from the crowd.

2. Web Presence – Once your brand/business exists on web, we execute the above process and further optimize your website, provide you with accessories like an explainer videos, a web spokesperson promoting your brand on youtube, Optimize these videos, promote Facebook and Twitter accounts giving you an enhanced social media presence, Google plus page promotion & reviews and finally integrate all these goodies with your main website.

3. Web Dominance – In this process, we have achieved both of the above strategies and thereafter our focus moves to promoting your brand with mobile applications, providing your customers with free digital goodies (if applicable) and viral videos and investing in corporate social responsibilities through web. Fueling your brand’s internet advertisement campaign with pay per click and affiliate programs on monthly basis (optional) is one of the expertise. Connecting with different coupon providers. running bulk mail campaigns to a targeted email database and much more, are all a part of this approach. Herein, we advance the solution holistically from the very beginning of the project.

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