Pricing @ WiseGen Informatics

Pricing at WiseGen Informatics ranges from $7/hour to $35/hour depending upon the project requirements, your industry and resource allocation.

The project/engagement cost is computed based on following:

1. Initial Research & Planning: The team size varies between 2 to 20 different professionals from across the world who engage in strategic research for a particular brand or niche area. Since every expert comes from a different background, experience and has his or her own way of doing a market/brand/keyword research, we get a holistic picture of the present day scenario and your brand standing through this method. This helps us establish a strong foundation for the project.

2. Product/Service Detailing: Depending on the budget allocated, we refine the quality of the product. Since the products and services delivered are permanent in nature, the effort and time that goes into revising or redoing the work might be limited in a few cases. Which is exactly why we recommend to you to consider a budget with an appropriate ±(time and monetary range) before we start the engagement.

3. Post delivery support and consulting: Once the products/services are delivered, they at times need to be handled with care for a few days, weeks, months or years. A well monitored follow-up can turn out to be twice as fruitful in the long term as an unmonitored service would be. (This is recommended for well established brands – for an industry specific, continual web dominance).

In order to define the scope of work, we must brainstorm the options we have in terms of finances and available solutions. A well planned, strategically designed approach, when implemented can kickstart your new business or reward your well established business in terms of sales, in the long run.

Since each solution is customized to your need, let’s get connected to discuss further.

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