Web Dominance

Web Dominance.

It is common that well established business often tend to change their approach towards marketing since their conventional ways have been put in place for along time. But the times of traditional branding methods has changed. It has already undergone a transformation and now you can reach more customers in lesser costs and more effective ways. Providing prospective customers with active information about your business, products and services is more captivative than conventional methods. At the same time, it is good to reach out to prospective customers through various methods so that they can relate to your brand, product, service or business.

We provide you with five reasons – why this is the right time to move on to getting permanent, robust, integrated web presence and spend less on the traditional methods of branding

1. Price Consideration – All of us understand that the advertising on Television, local radio stations, magazines or any other print media is often expensive in the present market scenario. Whether you are a start up or an established brand, the marketing team often try to bring innovation in reaching out to their prospective clients, better than their competitors. Thus capitalization of funds and increasing profitability is of utmost importance to get the best possible return on Investment (ROI). This entails a strategically designed custom branding/publicity plan and executing it within a defined time frame to achieve the desired targets. This is a cardinal part of WiseGen’s approach in any project it implements. Not only does this approach increases ROI in terms of financial resources and time, it also helps our clients envision and become more aware of the current , industry specific market scenarios – In terms of trends and competition.

2. Conventional methods target general population and not targeted/prospective customers or clients for whom your products and services are most relevant. An increased focus on targeting people who require what you offer also increases the chances that a customer, who approaches you (found you on the internet) will buy your product and will negotiate less. To achieve this, one needs to focus on several factors – Including a catchy slug line for the search engines, meta descriptions written by copywriters, getting search engine optimization for the right pages for the targeted keywords.

3. Your competitors (some of who have just got into the industry ) are already using less expensive, highly targeted marketing techniques. Be it buying “Likes” on a company’s facebook page to increase it’s authority (and page rank) immediately or submitting a press release that contains their website name 20 times to gain more goodies from the search engines. But these obsolete methods, in some cases may harm your website ranking instead of improving it. It’s best to consult an expert to draft a custom approach even if you plan to implement it yourself.

4. It is still affordable and possible to do it. In a few years from now, statistics indicate that you might just have to spend much more for a lot less. Search engines have hired the best of the brains already to modify algorithms that return results for a query, to fight spam and to provide the most relevant results – After all! they too have users to serve, customers to answer to and competitors!

5. Time-your biggest resource runs out fast- When you start a new business or a website today, search engines don’t index your the web pages immediately, they crawl (and index) 8 year old businesses first, that have been around for a really long time. This increases the trust factor as well implying that they are real businesses that are here to stay, they have been providing products and services for the past 8 years and you are fairly new and can wait – remember a search engine is useful only till the time it is returning relevant results and keeps the ship sailing by keeping both advertising costs low and attracting new users everyday.

Established businesses that have been providing well priced quality products for decades, seldom consider the above facts because their reputation in the market is enough to support their business for now. A decade down the line, they would have to adapt too. Search engines cannot smell and feel the freshness of the flowers you sell but a certain Internet marketing tweak can make their business appear on the front page just a month before valentines day. Converging all the efforts so that you are the first one to reach the customers, who are searching for products/services, that you sell, when they need them, is an ideal approach and a beneficial one.  Can you recall that guy from your school, who was your English teachers’ favourite? – he wasn’t the most intelligent, but was smart enough to raise his hand when a question was asked. Moral – be visible when your customers are looking for you and in due time you would experience what we like to call web dominance.

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