Web Presence

Web Presence

It’s never too late to start! If you do existing on the web for sometime but still using your well aged website name (domain name) for just explaining your own or your company profile and not generating business out of it, there is something wrong.

Remember, almost a decade back when Facebook and Youtube didn’t exist, Google wasn’t a religion – you had a WEBSITE OF YOUR OWN! Can you recall those calls that you received on bright sunny afternoons, from your prospective customers and the conversation used to be, “hi, I am $$$. I found your phone number on your company’s website, when I was searching the internet for a broker, to sell our house in…”. What happened to them? Where did they go? And who are these new brokers around the block who show up on the 1st page of Google when someone searches for services that you have been providing for such a long time?

We have answers to all your questions and we are a very affable team of extremely proficient consultants. We have been living in the internet era since its inception and have witnessed, experienced and used the minutest of the changes in search engine algorithms that started a decade back when things were much simpler.

As a visionary, you must realize that improving your presence on the web can be very rewarding in today’s times when all your customers have started asking Google the questions rather than treating it as a database-query tool, with a lot of relevant and irrelevant information. As a result of this, the search engines had to modify their algorithms to improvise according to the continuous behavioural changes of their users/customers to increase relevancy.

What is your current standing? The best option for you is to understand and analyze the norms, adapt to the changes in technology, approach and consumer psychology. During the times when there is too much information on the web and everyone claims to be the BEST/ NO. 1/TOP service or product provider at the lowest price, it can be confusing for the search engines to return relevant results for a query. Just like you, not many go beyond the 1st page of google. This is leads to the loss of business. So become aware about how you can utilize technology and time to increase your ROIs, not just to survive but to thrive!

A proper web presence will make sure that when people search for the products and services that you provide, you stand a chance of at least, appearing in the list of vendors.

For every niche in the world, it begins with an extensive market research and an effective strategy. Depending upon the competition in a domain/industry/location/time of year, the efforts required to achieve a goal may vary. Hence, an analysis of what your customers are looking for, what keywords are they typing in the Google search bar becomes important. Once known, your website’s content, social media pages such as  Facebook and Google page, tweets can be customized to get you as close to your customers as possible, especially when they are looking for services and products that you provide. This could mean a less negotiable business deal for you, as the customer approached you and not vice-versa.

Wisgen has pre-designed strategies that have been successful in achieving results repeatedly, but we prefer to design custom solutions for each business. The factors that are required to be considered to achieve a desired result within a given frame of time, may vary from one business to another.

Web presence is important for startups, small-size businesses, an ecommerce website providing a particular category of product (e.g. pink bags, black polos etc). Provide visibility to your USP and sell your brand across the world, just by improving your web presence. It not only increases customer loyalty and interaction, but also helps your business gain authority over your competitors in the eyes of search engines.

WiseGen’s result oriented consulting services will help you start and boost your business by helping you choose the right and efficient strategy. We must mention that you would be able to appreciate the results immediately, if you have already been existing on the web for more than 6 months.

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